Collie Motorplex Openpitlane Twilight Trackday, 15th November 2019, 11am

Collie Motorplex Openpitlane Twilight Trackday, 15th November 2019, 11am

from 399.00

The celebrated Openpitlane format comes to Collie Motorplex, on the new 2.55km long track!

Our days have NO groups and NO sessions. We cap our entry numbers at much lower levels than a ‘normal’ trackday; ensuring quality, low pressure tracktime for all participants.

Our days are fully catered with all day food and drinks.

Most of you who attended our last GT Circuit at The Bend Motorsport Park know what to expect here. For the rest of you, check out this three minute snapshot with what some of you had to say about it:

Check out our STANDARD INCLUSIONS in the ticket price:

- 6 hours of unrestricted tracktime with a twilight finish!

- NO groups and NO sessions

- including passenger laps

- carport INCLUDED for every driver

- GOURMET all-day catering overlooking the track

- full fire and rescue and medical for your piece of mind

- $399 fully catered

- SECOND DRIVER half price (including catering package) means you can share an entry and enjoy over 3 hours of track time per person, fully catered, from UNDER $300 per person! Each driver can bring their own car.

- Guests from $50 including catering


If you have a friend or partner and you’re attending together, consider booking a two driver entry. You’ll enjoy the same off-track benefits, but share your track time between the two drivers, and you can each bring your own car if you wish.

CAMS Speed or AASA Club annual licences are required for all drivers. Day licences are NOT available at this event. AASA Club licences can be purchased online for $85 without car club membership, which grants you entry to all of our events for 12 months.

**Passengers must be 14+ years old, occupy a seat, wear a seatbelt and require helmets and full length clothing. A limited number of helmets available for hire.

Second driver:
Do you have a current annual AASA Club or CAMS Speed (minimum) racing licence?:
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