Like driving? We do.



How about six or more hours of motoring nirvana in a single trackday?

For those who are frustrated with limited track time, rushed and high pressure trackdays,
Openpitlane.com.au was created to give Australian performance driving enthusiasts high quality track time in a non-competitive, low pressure environment. Our days have NO groups and NO sessions. Unlike most Australian trackdays, at Openpitlane.com.au events, drivers can go on track whenever they want, for as long as they want.


We run Limitless Laps events at most permanent circuits in Australia, as well as international circuit tours each year, all hosted in the celebrated Openpitlane format.
Driver training, hot laps and extensive catering options are available. It's about the EXPERIENCE!


We don't do sessions.


Come and go as you please.

"Normal" trackdays in Australia typically run five or six 15 minute sessions per day. That's an hour and a half of track time, at most.

Openpitlane.com.au is different. No rushing out to make the most of your handful of flying laps in a session. No more battling the traffic to get clear space.

All our days run 'sessionless'. At least six hours of track time in a true open pit format. Go on track when you like; come in, grab a drink, relax, rehydrate, and go back out on track- when and how it suits YOU.






Set up.

We don’t like ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ at Openpitlane. Our days are all-inclusive, in terms of customer experience and safety. Wherever the event is held- around Australia or around the World, we treat everyone to a top level experience that they will want to return to, over and over again.


Access to our corporate centre for all drivers — check.

Full driver safety briefing and vehicle safety inspection— check.

Professional fire and rescue and medical services — check.


Fuel up.

All our days are fully catered with an all-day premium menu designed to keep you focused, hydrated, and energised.


Gourmet grazing meals — check.

All day snacks and drinks — check.

‘Cool off’ zones to rehydrate and refocus — check.


“There's no such thing as boundaries, only limits that get pushed further and further.”

— Travis Pastrana